Saturday, May 31, 2008

new toy

Just got a new toy and guess what it is?

I've just purchased an old Datsun B210!!
This is the first ever car i've driven way before i've got my driving license.
My grandfather used to own one way back then when i was still in my diapers and he handed it over to my mum and i still can remember vaguely when i tried the car out, hence my dream of getting the car back and restoring it to keep the family memories alive~

Here's how a souped up b210 looks like:

All thanks to my buddy and pal JEYA for helping me scouting a nice and affordable ride out :) till then this project will remain quiet and unveiled until i've reached at least 70% of the picture above :P

I've yet to snap some piggies of the real car but... that will have to wait till i've got time to spare :) but am anxious with this new project :)

1st Post

hi folks....this is my 1st post for my new blog...

was thinkin bout getting a blog for quite some time.. used to think that bloggin was meant for those who have too much time on their hands but well.. thought of giving it a try...

here in my blog i will constantly update bout my love n hobbies which is CARS!~ hehe till then stay tuned!~